My name is Nelson, owner of Xpressive Photography; this started as a passionate hobby when I was in my teens, it was only within the last couple of years I launched a commercial venture. For so long I simply desired tell a visual story, giving life to places and objects that time forgot.
In 2018, I started to freelance, accepting a steady client base professionally but on a part-time basis. I take great pride in my work, firmly believe in providing high quality photography that is affordable and available to everyone. There's no sense in having to take out a loan or remortgage the house to have access to beautiful professionally edited photographs. It's that sort of commitment to people combined with my signature style that people trust me with their photographs. 

I am a member of the Professional Photographers Association; I make it a point to continually develop and stay up to date on trends and industry technology. Finding the right photographer can be a tedious decision making process, so peruse my portfolio and rates. If I'm the right match, you'll know it, always follow your instinct. 

I hope to see you through the lens soon.